Support for the visit of a young German doctor to Arequipa / Peru

The foundation is supporting the visit of a young doctor to a day hospital in Arequipa, Peru.

Excerpts from his application:

This is a social institution which endeavors to provide health care to those people who, for reasons of poverty, are unable to afford medical treatment at a public or private hospital. The illnesses which are primarily treated are those which can be ameliorated without any great medical expense, and mostly result from poverty and poor hygienic conditions, such as common infectious diseases and the symptoms of undernourishment.

It is the aim of my project to gain an impression of the state of health-care policy in less developed countries and, aside from the purely medical perspective, to acquire delvelop and extend social and organisational skills

In addition, I hope through my project to build up connections with development aid organisations which will remain with me as an element of my future activity as a pediatrician in Germany.